Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Bee Blocks

Hello everyone, and happy Easter a day early! :) I'm sure I won't have time to post tomorrow, so I just wanted to quickly share the March Color Bee Shocked blocks that I put together the other night.

Our theme for this month was to make a star out of white-on-white fabrics with a blue star background. The fabrics were provided by our host this month and I really loved the blue background fabric!

I put together 2 blocks, both more traditional looking blocks. There were several people who had already made some wonky or paper pieced blocks. The point was to get a bunch of different looking stars so I went with something that I knew how to do. :) Hopefully our host likes them. She's putting together a quilt that will assemble the stars into a constellation for her husband which I think is an awesome idea!

I should keep this idea in mind for my father. He's a HUGE space nerd. He grew up during the space with Russia and has a closet full of astronaut pictures that are all signed and booklets from all of their missions. When he was a kid he used to sit under a card table with star maps and pretend that he was in a spaceship going to visit different planets and stars and things like that. Just one of the many things I love about my dad. :) So, maybe I'll keep this in mind for an Orion wall hanging or something like that. It would be a neat Christmas present for him for next year...

Anyway - hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Spring is almost here in full swing. The birds are back and the snow is melting. I think we're supposed to get a couple flurries between today and tomorrow, but then hopefully we'll start warming up! :) Happy crafting everyone!

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