Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snowy Day Sewing

Hi Everyone! We had some more snow today, and it's still coming down. I originally went in to work at 9am, but we closed up the office at 1:00pm to get home safely. That means I had a little more time today to do some sewing.

My husband and I went to JoAnn's the other day and found a new fabric for the orange background color in my leaf quilt. I finally got around to cutting it up for the 9 blocks I need to make with that color and put one together.

With this block, I now have 13 of the leaf quilt blocks done. That means I'm a little over 1/3 done. I have 4 each of the other color backgrounds completed (red, brown and cream). And, I think this orange fabric goes along with the others much better than my first choice in fabric.

That's just a little pic of what they look like together. The quilt I've planned will be a 6x6 block grid. I'm still debating if I'll use a dark brown sashing in between each block. I think I'll need to to make it big enough for our bed.

Besides the leaf quilt, I also started sewing along with the Quilty-Barn-Along. I wouldn't consider myself a very country person, but I really liked the idea of this one. Here's my first block:

The next block pattern comes out next week Wednesday. I'm pretty excited to see what it will look like. This project is going to help me get through some of my scraps for the blocks on the side of the barn. :)

I know I also haven't fessed up on my February goal... I had really wanted to get my Over the Rainbow quilt all quilted up, but I haven't gotten to it yet. I'm hoping to cross that one off the list in March. In addition to that, I'm involved in a couple swaps this month, so I'll be busy. I've got a spring mug-rug swap, the Color Bee Shocked bee block for March and a package pal swap to put together. So, stay tuned for some more craftiness from me this month.

Blog Hop Party with Give-AwaysAlso, come back on Friday for the Quilting Gallery Beat the Blues Blog Hop. I'll have a little giveaway for you and hopefully have some more sewing and crafts to show you at that time.

Hope to see you all again soon! :) Happy crafting!


  1. Very nice looking leaf blocks!! I just love your color choice.

  2. love your leaf block! and I agree wtih Marjorie - perfect fabric choices!

  3. The leaves look great. If you like the look without the sashing, you could add size with multiple borders. Maybe a light to dark shading of the leaf colours. Not too thick for each border strip, just several of them (like on the moonglow quilt I did)


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