Saturday, November 12, 2011

Super Mario Quilt #4

Apparently, I have put all of my other craft/sewing projects on hold to work on this Mario quilt. I really like putting it together, but each character is taking a long time. I am probably spending between 5-6 hours on each one. So far I have completely put together two characters - the red mushroom and Mario.

My last post showed what it looks like when you have the 16 blocks stitched together to make a row. Here's a couple pictures of what my two completed characters look like when the rows have been assembled but now sewn all together yet:

(The mushroom rows have been ironed in the picture, the Mario rows have not.)

Sewing all of the squares together to make the rows is what is taking me the longest. (If anyone has any time saving tips, now would be the time to share!!!!) By the time I get to my 24th character square I'm sure I'll be a pro. The other thing I'm running into is that my finished squares - which I thought would measure 16.5'x16.5' are only measuring 15.5'x15.5'. So - I'm losing area somewhere. I think it's in sewing all of the blocks together, that with them being so small it's hard for me to take a true 1/4-inch seam. But - this means the quilt will be a better size when I'm done with it. We only have a queen bed, and the pattern I'm using will be at least a king-size quilt. I just need to consistently keep making these mistakes to keep all of my blocks the same - so, pray that my sewing skills don't get more accurate over time. 

Here's what my two finished squares look like. I haven't "squared" them up yet for when I sew them together to add borders. I want to see how all of my other character squares turn out before I start slicing and dicing and then end up in a real pickle! Up next is the angry sun square!! I'm not sure I'll dedicate many more posts to the creation of the different squares for this quilt. Once I have them all put together I'll do a picture-heavy post of all of them. I'll even put them in the order of how I'm arranging them on the quilt. Then I'll show you how I'm doing borders between the squares and around the whole quilt. :) 

I'm sure that will be at least a month from now, so until then - Happy crafting!


  1. what were ur dimensions and where did u get ur pattern from

    1. Each character is made using 1.5 inch cut squares - so each little square finishes at 1 inch. I made the pattern myself, but unfortunately, I do not have a quilt pattern to share.

  2. I made myself an excel file with all the calculations with how much fabric I need and how many of each square needs to be cut. I'm currently inter process of cutting squares... Over 6000 squares... 1800 of just black...


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