Thursday, November 10, 2011

Super Mario Quilt #3

This post is an update on my progress for the Super Mario Quilt. I now have all of the little squares cut! It took a few nights' worth of time and effort, but well worth it. This picture shows most of the colors for the quilt and all of the tedious cutting. :)

It was10:00 PM by the time I had everything cut. My goal was to get everything cut AND to put together the first character block, but that didn't happen. I did lay out all of the squares so now I have them in order to sew together.

Then, I decided I wasn't too tired to try to sew at least a couple lines together, and maybe I could even get the whole character together. (Wrong!) It was more tedious than I thought to sew together all of the little pieces. You don't really have a chance to use the pedal on the sewing machine because by the time you start you're at the end of the piece! So, it was a time consuming process. I did manage to get 2 rows sewn together. Once I have the rest of the lines together I'll iron everything and then start sewing each row into the character block. The two rows pictured here are the top two on the red mushroom character square. I should be able to put more rows together tomorrow night after work, but I won't guarantee I'll have one whole character completed. If I do - we can all be surprised! :) Happy crafting!


  1. What size squares did you cut. I want to make something like this for my son. He wanted a mario quilt and when I went to buy the fabric I found out it was out of print. I found some on ebay but they wanted 8.00 a fat quarter. So this would be a fun project but its a little intimidating. I've never done anything that took small blocks. I don't know if I have the patients.

    1. The blocks are cut to 1.5"x1.5" so they finish to 1 inch square. You could do something on a larger scale, maybe choose 4 characters? If you cut 2.5 inch squares the finished size of 4 characters sewn together with no border strips would be 64"x64" which would be wide enough for a twin. To add some length you could do a thicker strip between the top and bottom characters. Any way you go, I hope you give it a try! It's been time consuming, but a lot of fun!

  2. One easy way I find sewing blocks together such as this is to do chain stitching. It allows you to keep pace and not really slow down the machine much...


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