Sunday, January 22, 2012

Skittles Vodka

I just realized I have been neglecting my blog as of late... I haven't posted anything for January! Well, this time my husband and I actually made something together! He read about making Skittles vodka on his own and came to me with a pleading look in his eye that said, "Can you please make something that I'm into?" (How could I say no to that!?)

I was fairly skeptical that this project would turn out or even taste good, but my misgivings were not necessary. It was a bit of a sticky mess, but in the end each colorful bottle tastes just like a melted skittle (with a little vodka aftertaste)! And no, I haven't been slacking on my blog because I've been drinking too much - although this product IS that good. :)

-1.75mL bottle of vodka (I used Three Olives)
-2 large bags of Skittles
-5 large empty Gatorade bottles (or container of similar size)
-Lots of coffee filters
-Disposable cups (or you can use washable ones too)
-5 glass bottles for storage of the final product

Step 1: separate out the Skittles by color and place each color inside a Gatorade bottle.
Step 2: Divide vodka evenly between the 5 Gatorade bottles - pour over the skittles.
Step 3: Shake, shake, shake - and let sit overnight. You can shake several times throughout the day/night if you want.
Step 4: Once all skittles have dissolved (or fairly close) you'll want to strain the liquid into the disposable cups. Place a coffee filter inside the cup so that it is about an inch of the bottom and pour in the liquid.
**We had some difficulty with this step, so we used our fingers to gently squeeze the coffee filters so the liquid wouldn't get stuck inside. Your fingers will turn a nice shade of orange-green if you don't put gloves on, but that goes away in a day or so.
Step 5: Pour filtered liquid into your glass bottles for storage.
Step 6: Enjoy! We like to mix the cherry and orange flavors together with a white soda, and found the lime flavor to be the most potent.

In case you're wondering, we found our glass bottles at World Market. They are small olive oil bottles, but I really liked the shape. There are a lot of blogs out there that talk about doing this, so by all means, if you find another one that works, or helps with the filtration process more, please share! Otherwise, happy cooking!
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