Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weightless Wednesday #6

Hello everyone. It's been another week of work outs and eating vegetables - kinda...

This week had our first family holiday with Easter which presented some obstacles. There was ham, cheesy potatoes and chocolate bunnies everywhere. I was not very strong with the temptations either. I'm pretty sure I had at least 5 Cadbury eggs this week, and I just bit the ears off of a chocolate bunny that I have at home last night. So, I need to work on my will power.

All that considered, I managed to not gain any weight this week, but I also didn't lose any. So, this week I hope to get back on track, and the first thing I'll need to do is throw out the rest of that chocolate bunny. That is going to be so hard! Wish me luck!

Heaviest weight: 180 pounds
Starting weight: 175 pounds
Weight last week: 156 pounds
Weight this week: 156 pounds
Weight loss this week: 0 pounds
Total weight loss: 19 pounds

Next week's goal is to finally hit that 20 pound mark!! :)


  1. Any week that you son't put on weight should be counted as a win. Especially if there's a food fest in that week. So good on you. And poor bunny.can't he just hide in the freezer until it's time to let yourself have a little treat, instead?
    Don't mean to be an enabler, but friends of mine who have been on diets have always had lots more success when they let themself have little treats here and there. Saves themselves from a big fall off the wagon


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