Sunday, April 7, 2013

Charity Quilts - Hands2Help Challenge

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to get some sewing in. :) I finished more than I thought I would, and all of it during the Final Four basketball games.

My mother and I signed up to participate in the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge put on by Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict (there's time to join in if you want to make a charity quilt too!!). So, this weekend I put together some blocks to make two quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders (the orphanage charity). I'm trying to keep the quilts fun and happy, so I am making two fish quilts. My mom is going to help me fuse on some eyes and mouths so they'll look a little cuter.

The quilts have specific dimensions we are supposed to stay within, so I'll be having 3 fish across and 5 rows of fish, so 15 fish in each quilt. I'll have white sashing in between them to make the quilt to the right dimensions. My plan is to then quilt it with a bubble pattern in variegated rainbow thread. I just hope it looks as good in real life as it looks in my head. :)

My mom has already completed 3 quilt tops, 2 for the Happy Chemo charity and one for the Quilts Beyond Borders charity. I'm picking those up next weekend so I can quilt them for her. She's going to give me batting for my quilts then and do the binding for us at the end as a trade off. A pretty sweet deal!

She's so motivated I wouldn't be surprised if my mom finishes a couple more tops in the next coming weeks. We have until the beginning of June to mail off the finished quilts.

So, if you're able to help, I hope you'll consider joining in with the charity quilt challenge. It's bound to be a lot of fun! Happy quilting!


  1. Beautiful.... both the quilts and what you are doing!

  2. You and your mum have been busy! Go you!

  3. I love the fish!!! How did you do them I would love to make one like that!!!


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