Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weightless Wednesday #9

Hello everyone. I hope you're all having a great week! It's starting to look more like spring around us. We had our first real day over 60 degrees on Monday and today it's sunny again. I think mother nature might be playing a cruel joke on us since we've had rain for the last few weeks straight. Hopefully the sun and warmer weather continue to stick around!

This week I fell like I still didn't get to the gym as often as I should have. We have been very consistent in making sure we get to the gym for our weight lifting days, but haven't done as much cardio as we did when we started working out. We also haven't gone swimming in a long time because my swimming suit started to deteriorate (gross I know, but it was really old) a couple of weeks ago. I finally got to the store to buy a new one yesterday, so we should be back in the pool today. It will feel really good to get back in there. And - my new swimming suit was on super clearance, so it was only $18! Can't beat that.

While at the store I also tried on... BIKINIS! I've always wanted to wear one but never had the confidence to do so and never really had the body either. Now I'm really close to being able to wear one without turning heads for being too pudgy. My problem is none of the tops in the store fit. I've always had a larger chest, even in high school, so getting something where I'm not sticking out all over the place is going to be a challenge. If they could just make a bikini top that is very similar to a sports bra and get rid of the huge amount of padding and push up material in all of them, I'd be just fine. Any suggestions on where I should look? I'm thinking I might have more luck at Victoria's Secret? The bottoms fit just fine in regular sizes, which is what is really frustrating. Oh well, I guess such is life, right?

So, here's my break down this week:

Heaviest weight: 180
Starting weight: 175
Weight last week: 154
Weight this week: 151
Weight loss this week: 3 pounds!! - that was a HUGE shock on the scale (yeah weight lifting!!)
Total weight loss: 24 POUNDS! I'm so happy! :)

Thanks to everyone for putting up with my weight loss posts. I think I'll continue these until we leave for our trip, since it was my goal to get skinnier for that. That is coming up at the end of May and we leave on the eve of the 22nd. I'm also in a wedding a few weeks before that and have lots of quilting related things to get done on my plate. So, hopefully you'll see a lot more posts from me in the next month (or else I'm not working on my commitments enough!)! Have a great day!


  1. Congrats on the three pounds. I like that you are recording this journey. I imagine it helps keep you on track and it will be something you can look back at later with pride.
    Re the bikini, the only way to do it is to buy one where the tops and bottoms are sold separately and the tops come in all the different bra sizes. I have to do that because while I'm by no means chesty, the size of my frame means I'm larger cup. So the single size bikinis are a joke - alas I didn't work that out before an infamous boost out of the pool, lol. So definitely go to a lingerie store to buy a bikini

  2. Way to go on the 3 pounds.I am enjoying your posts and hoping they will get me motivated. You are doing great.Keep up the good work.

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss! That's awesome!! You might try for bathing suit separates - they are good quality and a wide variety of choices!


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