Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 2012 Goals

Well, I just realized I never posted my October goals! First, let's see how I did on my September goals...

I had planned to do this:

1) Sew up all of the dots on dots blocks
2) Finish the dots on dots quilt (including the binding)
3) Make a new tie wreath for our door
4) Put together the quilt top I started in high school

Sadly, I only got 2 out of the 4 done. I managed to completely finish the dots on dots quilt, which I guess means I tackled the 2 largest goals of September. Not as much progress as I had hoped to make, but better than nothing. :)

During September I also put together one of the many blocks for my fall leaf quilt. I have all of the pieces cut and organized into blocks, so now I just have 29 more to sew together to be able to make a flimsy. :)

So, I guess I'll give myself a C for September. I just wasn't as productive as I had wanted to be. Unfortunately, October is looking much the same way, so I'd better keep my goal list short for this month. Here's what I'm hoping to get done:

1) Finally make that darn tie wreath! (I have the wreath form and the ties, now I just need 30 minutes to put it all together...)

2) Completely finish my projects for the Wicked (Halloween) blog hop. I would like to make one 12 inch finished table mat and one door hanger. The table mat will be regular piecing with squares and half square triangles and I hope my quilting will make it look a little more "spooky." The door hanger I hope to paper piece, and I'm making my own pattern. I've never done that before, so here's hoping it goes according to plan. My day for the hop is October 31st - Halloween day!! - so come back then for my creations and a giveaway. :)

3) Plan out what I'm making for Christmas presents and start getting the materials together for everything. I know I want to make at least 1 quilt to give away and hopefully some knitted items, so I've really got to get started on those projects too! I'll share what I can on my blog, but some recipients are followers, so those posts might have to wait until after the holidays.

4) Sew together at least half of the leaf quilt blocks.

So - those are my goals. Pretty attainable if you ask me, but I'm going to have 2 more weekends eaten by events coming up. Last weekend I went rock climbing and out to lunch with my dad. This weekend I'm going camping (it's supposed to be cold and rainy, so please send happy, sunny thoughts my way!!!), and next weekend we're taking a road trip to Michigan. That gives me one more weekend before the end of the month where I can get some solid sewing time in. Not too much time, so I have a feeling my leaf quilt is going to get neglected. The other projects should be manageable though.

So, what are you planning on finishing this month? :) Happy crafting!

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  1. You are too hard on yourself :) A quilt completed in October should earn you an A! Have fun camping, I'd advise a mummy bag, lol, it is going to be chilly and wet!!


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