Saturday, October 6, 2012

Leafs Me Happy Giveaway Winner

Thanks so much to everyone who left comments and stopped by for the Leafs Me Happy Blog Hop! And, an extra thank you for those of you who are my followers. I'll need to ramp up my postings to keep you all tuned in now! :)

Normally I use to pick a giveaway winner, but my husband told me there wasn't enough excitement in that. So, we typed out all of the comment numbers and placed them into a nice ceramic bowl.

My husband was then just going to pick one out, but I said, "Wait! You can't look in the bowl 'cause you can see the numbers on some of them." He said, "Well, blind fold me then..."

I got a tie (which I still need to make into a tie wreath yet...) and blindfolded him. :) He was very engaged with this whole number-picking thing and was thinking very hard of which piece of paper to draw out.

And here we have the winner... #171!

#171 was Karen who said "I love spice cake and baked apples with homemade carmel." (Karen, I've sent you an email.) I had asked everyone to let me know what their favorite fall food was, and all of the responses sounded delicious. Something that came up more than once that I haven't tried was apple pie with cheddar cheese! Being from Wisconsin, I feel it is my duty to try this the next time I have apple pie since we are known for dairy here. :)

Thanks again to everyone who entered the giveaway. Come on back for the Wicked Blog Hop at the end of the month (my day is October 31st, Halloween!!) where I'll have another giveaway. And, I'm over 150 followers now, so when I get all the way up to 200 I'll have another giveaway to celebrate. Happy crafting!


  1. Congrats to Karen and thank you, Karen, for the sweet giveaway! Enjoyed the pics of your fun that he wanted to help!!!

  2. Congrats to the winner!!! Yes you will love cheddar cheese on apple pie!!!


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