Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kindle Cover

Hooray! I've got my first crafty goal finish of August! :) I've been meaning to make a new kindle cover for a long time. When I first got my kindle I just threw together a couple of pre-quilted fabric pieces and formed a very drab looking pot holder to hold the kindle. Recently it's been falling apart more and more, so I desperately needed a new case.

I decided I was going to use just scraps for this. I've been saving scraps ever since I got back from the quilt retreat I went to over Mother's Day weekend. It's taken me a while to get some scraps accumulated. Most of them were little squares left over from my Super Mario quilt. So, I put those to good use along with some pieces from blog hops I've participated in recently or chunks from other projects.

To put together the front and back panels I just started grabbing scraps, not really caring which color I picked up, and started sewing them together. I'd trim/square up as I went. I finger pressed the seams to go the way I wanted them to and then ironed the whole slab at the very end. So, I ended up with some tiny 1 inch squares and some larger chunks as I built the slabs out. They were so much fun to put together!

I didn't want to fuss with turning out a pocket, so I decided I was going to make a double quilt sandwich. I layered the slabs with batting and some left over aqua fabric from a pincushion I made earlier this year. Any shade of teal is my favorite color, and I love the pop of brightness when you open up the case.

I used my walking foot to do an organic grid quilting on each slab. Once they were quilted, I trimmed the extra batting and backing fabric. For the smaller slab (the front side of the cover) I added a binding in the same aqua fabric as the back to the very top. This way I could get a really nice finished edge before I sewed the two main pieces together.

Once that little bit of binding was done, I used left over binding from the Super Mario Quilt (yes, it was the perfect length! I didn't have to add anything and just cut off a 1/2 inch! So perfect...) to put both pieces together. I layered them with the blue backing fabric sides together and sewed the binding on as if it was just a single layer quilt. The batting I used was very low loft, so it was no problem at all for my heavy duty Janome.
I finished it off with hand stitching on the back side of the cover. I still need to add the clasp yet, but I'm debating if I want to use Velcro or if I want a couple large snap buttons. I think I'll just go peruse the fastener section at JoAnn's one of these days and make a decision. Either will be very easy to add to the cover.

I made this case to be 7 inches wide by 10 inches long when it's closed. The back piece was 7 inches wide by 14 inches long. This is bigger than I probably needed to make it, but I wanted to be able to keep the cord in the case along with the kindle. The extra room also gives me the option of putting a pen and small notebook in there if I ever read anything worth taking notes on. (Someday I'll finish that marathon training book!!!)
August Finishes
So, one crafty goal complete, just tons to go! Happy crafting!


  1. My Kindle is jealous of your Kindle, lol! Nice finish :)

  2. I dont have a Kindle but if I did, I would want this bag..

  3. I love this Karen! You are so amazing!

    It's also really cool to read about what you're working on through this blog. You are a busy woman!


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