Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pin Cushions!

I am soooo excited for this post! Rather, I guess I'm excited for my new pin cushion(s)! I have been eyeing up these cathedral window pin cushions and have wanted to make one for months. I thought it would be much harder than it was, but thanks to this tutorial at My Go-Go Life, it was a breeze! I might make a million more of these someday... My second one is for my mother. We're going to a Mother's Day quilt retreat, so I figured it would be the perfect gift!

This is the pin cushion I was using previously... (sad, isn't it?)

This little guy I made in about 30 seconds when I desperately needed something to use for a pin cushion. I didn't have any batting, so I stuffed it with left over spiderweb from Halloween. That made it really dense and hard for the pins to push in without a little nudging. (Spiderweb is not a great medium, in case you're wondering, but it does actually work if you're in a bind.)

For my new and improved pin cushions, I used real batting. The pins just glide right in now and it's so pretty to look at! I've retired the old one into a cat toy. My cats were always stealing it off of my desk anyway, so now it can be permanently theirs. Everyone's happy!

So, if you've been procrastinating on making one of these, DON'T put it off any longer! I love, love, love, love, love mine! If it wasn't almost midnight right now I'd want to sew for hours just so I could use the cushion, but there's always tomorrow! Happy crafting!

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