Sunday, April 8, 2012


Well, I just got the best birthday present from my husband! We just ordered it, and my birthday isn't until July, but he said I could have it early. He bought me a new sewing machine! A Janome HD1000 which I can't wait to use! So, I've been designing quilt tops like mad and thought I might share. They are probably really hard to see in the pencil sketches without making the pictures larger, so I apologize if you can't make anything out at all.

The first one is a zigzag pattern. I've seen so many of these that I kind of want to try it on my own. My biggest fear is that I haven't cut or sewn triangles in a few years so I'm gonna have to re-learn how to do that. I'm hoping its not as bad as I think it is. I think I have an irrational fear of triangles so all of the patterns that I've made tend to use squares or strips instead.

The second quilt is a snowball pattern. I've always liked this quilt because it's geometric but also circular. I think this could be really fun in bright colors with a black background. Something that will really pop when you look at it.

The third quilt was inspired by Amanda Jean's latest finish. I loved her rolling stone quilt so much I decided I want to give it a try. The rolling stone block really reminded me of the card trick block. so I figured why not put the two of them together? I think I'd like to make this one in some whimsical prints with a white background. Of course that will change when I go to the fabric store and fall in love with something totally different!

So, my new sewing machine should be here before the end of the month (hopefully I'll already be sewing on it by that time). Until then, I've promised my husband I'll keep working on his Super Mario Quilt (that I've been neglecting horribly!). So, stay tuned for an update on that sometime this week too since I plan to knock a few character blocks off of the WiP table and into the completed file. Until then, happy crafting!

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