Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Recent Happenings

Hello everyone. I know I haven't posted in about a week, so I feel like I'm neglecting you. I don't have too many updates on crafting news.

My dad came by and took me out for ice cream yesterday - sweet guy! I'll never turn down Cold Stone! :) But, he picked up his tie wreath and really liked it. He called me when he got home and said he was hanging it up in his bedroom because he doesn't want it to get faded in the sun on the front door. When I told my husband that my dad had picked up the wreath, his reaction was - "Not the one that was hanging on our door, right? That one stays with us?" He thought I had made 2, one for us and one for my dad. I do have ties picked out from my husband's collection, but I haven't gotten around to making it yet. I'm out of wreath forms. :( But, I really liked it too, so I'll need to make another of those for our door soon since we both really liked it.

I'm still working to square up all of those little half-square triangles for my dots-on-dots quilt. I have the pieces for 12 blocks all ready to be sewn together and just need to square up 8 more. I'm hoping I have all of those squared up by the end of Thursday night before I go to bed. So - 2-3 each night I should be able to handle.

Friday night I'm heading over to my sister's apartment and I'm going to try to teach her to sew. I know she'll be able to pick everything up very quickly, but I've never taught someone how to sew before. I'm not really sure how I'll go about it, especially since she wants to do some clothes sewing and all I really do are 1/4 inch seams with quilting. I think what she really wants to know is how to put the sewing machine together, where the thread goes, how to wind the bobbin, what the heck do you do with tension knobs, etc. :) That I can help with. So, I'm pretty excited. I got some awesome retro looking fabric in the remnants bin the other week that I'm going to make into a tote bag, and there's enough fabric for two! So, I think I'll bring that and we can make matching totes together. So, I'm spending the night there and then heading back home on Saturday to see my husband after another work trip for him and then hopefully working on those dots squares.

For tonight though... I have some pesky chores that I really, really, really need to do. #1: Dishes. I think the Bowls with Borders (last day today...) blog hop has lulled me into thinking that it's OK to let your dishes pile up. Unfortunately, the vibe in my apartment is starting to look like messy eclectic instead of Tuscan eclectic, so I'd better get on those dishes.

Chore #2: Laundry. My husband and I are notorious for having all of our laundry clean, but never folded or put away. We did some laundry this weekend and it went straight from the dryer to the laundry basket without any attempt to keep it from getting wrinkled or full of cat hair. I still have a couple loads to do to get everything all washed and ready to go, so I think I'll tackle that tonight as well. The strange thing though, is that I don't have that problem with fabric. Once I pre-wash things, it comes out of the dryer and I either iron and fold it right away or I fold it to be ironed right before I'm going to cut it up. I washed some of that this weekend too and it's all folded into a nice little stack and put away.

One last thing regarding that neat, folded fabric and then I'll stop rambling so you can get on to bloggers who've actually done something! But - I got my husband to come with me to JoAnn's to pick that fabric out! He doesn't like going there, never has and probably never will. He especially doesn't like going when he knows it's going to take at least an hour. We went on Sunday which was a rainy afternoon so the place was packed. It took us about 2 hours to pick out the fabric, get it all cut and get through the check out line. But, he was awesome. He helped me pick out all the colors for a fall quilt for the Leafs Me Happy blog hop - even helped me design everything for it. So, I was really happy he came with me and just wanted to share. What a great husband I have. :) Now I'll just need to get him behind the sewing machine!

Until next time - happy crafting!


  1. Ha! I'm like that with my laundry too. Back when I had a spare bed, it was generally where I dumped the baskets of clean laundry. Sometimes folded, usually not. Only downside was the cat loved using it for a nest :)
    And the dishes.. Started looking at dishwashers this weekend.
    Looking forward to seeing the totes you and your sister make. Have fun

  2. I love the neck tie wreath. I'll have to try one of those.


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