Monday, August 12, 2013

Our New House

Hello everyone! I'll warn you now this is going to be a very picture heavy post. :) If you just want to see the little quilted mat that I made, scroll down to the very bottom.

We've just about settled in to our new house in Portland. We still have to unpack some things, hang pictures, put away our clothes (and I need to reorganize my fabrics), but we're getting there! We really like the house we've rented, so here's some pictures of our new place:
The front of our house
The yard
The view from our dining room
Front garden steps
Side patio with grape vines
We have grapes!!

Our office - still needs to be put together yet, but my husband loves being able
to play his guitars at full volume without worrying about neighbors.
Downstairs bathroom - I made that toilet paper holder on the back of the toilet! :)
Repurposed oatmeal container with tissue paper and Mod Podge. My first craft here!
Pool table room - so far it's holding our pictures nicely...
My craft room that still needs a little work - it's also our guest bedroom
Our bedroom
Master bathroom upstairs
Master bathroom upstairs
Jacuzzi tub! Love the master bathroom!
Stairs where the look over is for the living room. See that skylight window straight ahead?
My other cat (not pictured here), Sasha, decided to jump into that window and then
realized that the ledge isn't straight, but rather slanted down. So, after lots of scrambling
and trying to hold on, she had to jump back over to the ledge. Gave me a little scare!
Living room
Living room from above
Dining room - those roses are from our garden!

So, that's the tour of our house. I tried to rearrange the pictures so they were in a better order, but Blogger isn't cooperating with me right now. Oh well! So, besides the toilet paper holder that I did, I also made a little food mat for our cats.

When we packed everything up in Madison I threw away their old food rug because it was just really old and messy and stained. I didn't like putting it into the wash because it was backed with rubber and would get all these little rubber bits into everything. Yuck! So, when I was unpacking the craft room I found my left over fish from the charity quilts I made earlier this year. I had 8 of them, so I made a little food mat. It went together in a couple hours yesterday evening.

I quilted it with some relaxed wavy lines and backed it in the same rainbow fabric I used for some of the fish. I love this because I can throw it into the wash whenever I want and it will keep the indoor/outdoor carpet of the pool table room from getting dirty with cat food messes. 

My cat Sasha also approves of the little mat. I think she's looking for more soft food though... :) She'll just have to wait until tomorrow! 

So, thanks for putting up with the huge picture heavy post. Hopefully I'll get more into crafting and quilting stuff as we get situated here in Portland. I'd like to make us a light weight quilt/blanket for the beach and a beach tote bag, but those might have to wait until I get some more WIPs out of the way! Happy crafting everyone!


  1. congrats on your beautiful new home. I love your views. The pool table comes in handy a lot at our house. It is great to spread a quilt on to pin baste. We have a ping pong table board on top of it . Don't try it on the pool table itself. LOL You hubby would be pretty mad if you messed up the felt. Enjoy your new place.

  2. Your new place is awesome! Welcome to Oregon :o) The kitty rug is great - makes me want to go make one for Molly Cat. Hope Fabric Depot didn't disappoint and welcome again!!!

  3. Your house is so pretty...and woodsy :) it looks wonderful! Love the kitty mat, great use for those leftover fish! Congrats on such a great new place!

  4. Beautiful place, Karen, and it looks so big. I really love it.

  5. Your new pad looks awesome!! Never too many photos - thanks for sharing!!

  6. Love the new house. Great setting. Wanna swap? :)
    Glad to hear the almost cat disaster didn't quite happen. Scarey.
    I can never understand how people are able to leave bowls of dry food out for their cats. Mine scarfs it all down. Even when I leave out two or three meals worth when I'm going to be gone overnight


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