Friday, August 2, 2013

Our Last Days in Wisconsin

Hello everyone! I apologize for not posting at all in July. I have been going nonstop this month because tomorrow will be driving across the country to move to Portland. So, it was an insane month, but here's what I've been up to in case you were missing me. :)

We celebrated the 4th if July with several cookouts and firework displays. I'm sure you had several of your own as well. We could even see some from our apartment balcony! Too bad we figured that out on the last year we are here. We also had a fun appetizer and wine night with some of my husband's family. We made way too much food, but I guess that's all part of the fun!

I had my last day of work on July 12th. My coworkers were all really lovely and had a cookout/going away party for me. :) It was a nice time. (It is still sinking in yet that I don't have a job!)

That same afternoon my husband and I went camping with some friends of ours for the weekend. July 13th is my birthday and one of our friends' birthday was earlier in the week, so we had a double celebration. If you've never used a pudgy pie maker for grilled Reuben sandwiches, you are missing out! We went on a canoe ride where I almost put us into the main drag of the Mississippi river (always follow the signs for the canoe route !!). We were also eaten alive by mosquitoes. I had 54 bites on just my left foot, but not too many anywhere else. Our friend had it worse since each bite she got gave her a softball sized welt! Yikes! Anyway, the weekend was fun.

I went to my last Farmer's market here in Madison with my family. We even got to go up on the observation deck of the state capital which I haven't done before. It was a beautiful day!

We also had our last night at the Memorial Union on the campus of the University of Wisconsin - Madison. It's and old hang out and just beautiful. There was live music, good beer and great company.

We took a little trip to see my Aunt and Uncle in Michigan. We got some great fresh blueberries and went on a winery tour in between family time. Had to see people one last time before we're 2,500 miles away!

I did a ton of packing when we got back. I had several times when the kitties really wanted to help me pack as well. We had lots of time to go through things but it seemed like it was still a mad dash at the end to load up the truck.

In between all of that, I haven't had too much time for sewing, but I gave worked on a couple small projects. I've gotten more of my international embroidery blocks done. Unfortunately the pattern spelled Egypt as "Egpyt" so I had to flub a fix on that block. I think it will work OK now and I'll post a shot once I finish up the France block on the road.

It is also my month in August to be queen bee in the Color Bee Shocked group. I chose to stay kind of traditional with the block I am asking everyone to make. It is an Irish Celtic Twist block. I even got to go and pick out new green fabric for it! Then I cut it all up and sent that out to everyone so that my move wouldn't delay the process.

So, sorry for the lengthy post of rambling, but I wanted to check in with everybody. :) I hope you have all had a great summer so far. I'll catch ya next time from the pacific northwest!! Happy crafting!


  1. Good luck with your relocation to the Pacific Northwest. We'll be waiting to hear from you when you are settled.

  2. Yay! You'll love it here - rain keeps everything green and when it snows, EVERYTHING stops! Hee hee, you'll have fun. If you need anything when you get out here - email me!

  3. I know, I'm late.
    Sounds like you had a busy time getting ready for the move and saying goodbye. What are your plans in Portland? Do you get to be a lady of leisure? That sounds pretty good to me :)


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