Sunday, May 19, 2013

Charity Quilt Update

Hello everyone! I've had a couple of busy days trying to get my Hands2Help charity quilts finished up. I didn't manage to get mine quilted, but I did get my mom's quilted. :) Here's how they turned out:

The first two quilts are for the Happy Chemo charity. The first one was a cute frog and lady bug quilt. I stippled in the middle of the quilt and then did a loop pattern in the border. The second one was a fun and colorful quilt with butterflies and VW bugs. I stippled in the middle, then did hearts in the first border and loops in the outer border. They are both 45" square. 

This last quilt is for the Quilts Beyond Borders charity. It's another one with the fun and colorful butterfly and VW bug fabric. They wanted these heavily quilted so I stippled the whole thing. This one is 45" by 59" I think...

My mom is going to put the bindings on and ship these off herself. She already has the bindings put together, so I bet she'll have these in the mail next week! :)

In the mean time, I'm going on vacation for the next 2 weeks. We leave on Tuesday night and won't be back until June 4th. We're headed out west for the Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington. We're driving out from Madison, Wisconsin, so it will be a long road trip. We'll see Mt. Rushmore on the way along with some other rugged scenery. On the way back we're stopping in Seattle and Portland and then spending a couple of days in Yellowstone before coming home. I hope my husband doesn't get sick of me in the car! (We have some books on tape and good music so I think we'll be OK - just gotta find some hand stitching now...)

In some other news... My husband and I will actually be moving to Portland at the end of the summer! Our plan is to be out there at the beginning of August. That means I'll be kept very busy over the next couple months while I pack things up and figure out what I'll be selling, donating or packing. If you have any moving tips (or tips in moving cats across country!!!) please send them my way. I'm sure I'll keep you all posted with the trials, tribulations and triumphs of the process. Happy quilting everyone!


  1. Karen, your quilts are wonderful!! You and your mom did such a great job!!

  2. Lovely quilts!

    Moving tips: in each room, pack a box that has things you need immediately and mark it with room and in big letters 'open first' (our home depot has colored packing tape. I used a diff color for diff rooms.(it helped to get the boxes to the right room first time around.
    Example of 'open first' boxes contents: kitchen:paper plates, plasticware,frying pan,saucepan,measure cups & measure spoons, coffeepot, coffee mugs,coffee filters, coffee. Bedroom:sheets,pillowcases,pillows,change of clothes for a couple days,pjs. Bathroom: toilet paper, soap, shampoo,towels, washcloths,toothbrushes,toothpaste, makeup. You know, the stuff you need immediately(we HAVE to have our coffee). Stuff you need while you unpack the rest.
    Good luck. Its work to move,but can be a great adventure!

  3. Beautiful quilts. These quilts will be loved and treasured.


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