Saturday, July 21, 2012

Merrily Sewing Along...

It feels like I haven't had a decent post in a while even though I've been furiously working along on several projects. First on the list is to finish the beachy quilt for my friend. I'll be basting, quilting and binding later today after some much needed sleep and church later in the morning. I've spent a lot of time with it and my seam ripper getting things to match up, but I'm happy with it now. I've also decided on no borders and I'll just use the binding to edge it out. It will be just long enough for her to pay out on the beach with it, or 2 people can sit comfortably cross-legged on it for a picnic. :) I think it'll work and finishing it off should go pretty quickly.

I've also revamped my craft room. My mother-in-law gave me some plastic drawers and I quickly put them to use to organize all of my fabric. Previously I was using 2 large suit cases and a tiny little book shelf. Now, I've got 4 drawer units, including one just for in-progress projects (I'm very excited about that!!) which will keep the cats from getting into things. I've also got one drawer for each color (apparently I need more orange and purple, but have plenty of blue!). And have another set of drawers for miscellaneous fabric and coordinating sets. :) I'm so happy with this new set up!

Lastly I've been designing some blocks for the Think Christmas blog hop. I wasn't originally signed up, but I had so much fun with the Red, White & Blue blog hop that I 'hopped' (I know, very, very bad pun) at the chance to join when Lesley reopened the list. I don't have much of a stash of my own, especially for holiday prints, so I called up my mom and asked her if she had something that she might not want any more.

My mom has a great eye for fabric and let me tell you, she brought me soooo much good stuff! Way more than she ever needed to bring me, but I'm definitely going to put it to good use. We kind of joke that she has enough stash for 2 people, which I'm definitely happy about and so is she. She gets to downsize the things that she's not using without having to throw them away or give them to strangers and I get to inherit coordinating prints and some really cool vintage fabric. I love it, so THANKS MOM! :) My favorite fabric that she included is a Scandinavian print that has little red, green and yellow designs on a white background. That will definitely make an appearance in the hop, so stay tuned for that!

Happy crafting everyone!


  1. Looks like a good setup. But I'm curious..
    Does each "in progress" drawer hold a single project or do you have more than 3 WIPs?

  2. Karen,
    I saw you are Craftastic Blog of the Week over at Sew Can Do and I just had to come over here and tell you how much I LOVE your Super Mario quilt. It is definitely the coolest thing I have ever seen! You are amazing!


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