Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Flimsy

Hello everyone! Just a quick post to show off my Valentine's quilt flimsy. I put on two borders actually, a mottled red and a black with tiny white polka dots. 

I love this quilt so much! No pun intended... 

I have some interesting ideas on how to quilt it. It will be a combo of straight line and free motion. I don't know if it will look good, but it will be good practice. :) Now I just gotta get it pinned and quilted up!


  1. Love. Did you give the pattern or where you got it? Maybe next year for it --for me.

    1. I actually made the pattern up myself, so I don't have anything written. Each star/heart block is 18 inches finished. So each square and half-square triangle in the block is cut to 2 inches so that they finish at 1.5 inches. I just used a bunch of scraps, so I don't know how much yardage you'd need form each color. I know I used 4 yards for the back, but that's about it.


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