Thursday, February 20, 2014

Auction Quilt

Hello everyone! I've started a new project that I'm pretty excited about. I just signed up to make a quilt for a silent auction. The auction will benefit the grade school where I volunteer. So, I was looking at pictures of quilts online that might be easy to put together and I came across this one:

You can find and buy the pattern here:

I thought it was super cute, but I wanted to change it up a bit. Here's the layout I came up with:

I'm still kind of playing with where all of the colors land, but I'm going to let it rest for a bit - let it soak in - before I sew all the rows together. 

My plan is to only do straight line quilting on this one and to just echo the star shape. All done this should finish up at 60" square. 


  1. Your version looks great! Offsetting the star is a great idea! I love the blue's too!

  2. love the look...... making it your own
    in stitches

  3. How very nice of you to create a quilt for your school's silent auction. The colors you are using are Bliss!!!

  4. cracked me up!!! I am shocked you never mentioned this awesome project to me and once again you are proving you are the reigning queen of the HST!!! LOOKS FAB:)

  5. Looks like a fun setting, I'm sure the quilt will be well appreciated. I like your quilting plan :)

  6. Do you by any chance have a placement grid you used for this variation? I'm going cross-eyed! Yours is so pretty and I'm trying to recreate for my granddaughter. Thanks

    1. Hi Mary, I do not have a placement grid. I just off-set the star, so really you can place the center star wherever you like and then adjust the rest of the pattern from there. If you want a pattern that has the placement in the center you can buy it here:


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