Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Knit Scarf Finished!

Hello everyone from Europe! My current hotel in Paris graciously has free wi-fi so I can share my finished knit scarf expedition while I'm abroad instead of waiting until I get home! :)

So, after much scurrying around at home to get ourselves packed (and a lot of help from my mother-in-law to clean out our refrigerator (thank you again!!)) we got ourselves off to London on time! However, I hadn't finished the scarf yet!! I only had the very last large black stripe to do on the scarf so I willed myself to finish it on the bus. Here's pictoral proof that I was knitting on-the-go.

Unfortunately, I had to throw my knitting needles and the excess yarn away at the airport. I probably could have taken all of it through security, but i didn't feel like lugging the excess stuff around Europe with me for 2 weeks. I have more needles and I can always get more yarn when I get back home.

Once we got to London, we headed to our hotel for a pick-me-up nap and then headed out to the Fulham Football Club for the soccer (football) game we had planned for that afternoon. London was chilly and misty/rainy the entire time we were there, so the scarf actually came in handy more for keeping me warm than it did for letting my husband show off his Fulham fanfare. Here's a picture of me sporting it at the game and in the Tube around London. I'll add a picture of my husband wearing the scarf as soon as I'm able to get them off of my phone.

So, my first knitting experience was a success! I even learned how to bind off via YouTube video on the bus on the way to the airport. (I finished the scarf with about 2 minutes to spare before we had to get off the bus!)

Now, we're in Paris and just got back from viewing the Eiffel Tower at night. The weather isn't quite as cold here and really just gets a bit chilly at night. So, the scarf has been retired to my duffel bag for probably the rest of our trip. Everyone, both in London and in France, wears scarves all the time, so I've been inspired to make myself a knit scarf out of some snuggly material when I get back. I hear it's 80 degrees in Wisconsin, so I probably won't need it for a while, but you never know! Happy crafting!

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