Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jelly Roll!

I'll be linking up to my first WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced for today's post. This week I started my very first jelly roll project! My husband jokes that it looks like the state flag of Maryland except that there's no red in it. I'm from Wisconsin, so I have no idea what the Maryland state flag looks like. 

Back to the topic at hand...

I found this jelly roll at JoAnn Fabrics, normally $12 but with my 50% off coupon I got it for $6! (Take that Maryland!) I really liked the different fabric patterns so I decided I'd give it a try. I have seen a lot of quilts lately made with jelly rolls so I figured I would see what I could do. 

I came up with this layout of 9 patch squares. They will be 5.5 inches square when the whole quilt is sewn together, otherwise they are 6 inches square in this picture. I played around a lot with the pattern. I started off with all of the dominantly dark squares in rows and the dominantly light squares in rows and it looked too stripey, so I changed it around and ended up with the pattern in the picture. I think my camera makes the yellow and black colors stick out more than they do when you're actually looking at it. But, I kind of like the asymmetrical look of this. I didn't want it to be too patern-y. 

I did buy some additional fabric in coordinating colors/patterns for the borders. I did 3 borders, the first was cut at 3 inches wide, the second was cut at 3.5 inches wide and the third was cut at 2.5 inches wide. Right now I have the quilt completely top stitched in a diagonal pattern, so it just needs the binding attached.

I started this project on Monday, sewed the borders on and quilted it on Tuesday, and now I'm so close to finishing I can taste it! But, my husband just got home from a long business trip and has to head out again tomorrow, so I'm not turning tonight into a finish - hence the timeliness of my first WIP post! I'm hoping to get it all finished up for a Friday Finish, so stay tuned to see it all completed! Happy crafting!


  1. You're quilt is quite cool. I like the lack of symmetry, it's really neat

  2. Your quilt looks really pretty! I like the colors too


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