Saturday, January 5, 2013

Master Bedroom Cleanup

Well, I couldn't wait to get started on my mission to get organized this month. So I started with our master bedroom. It was atrocious!

We had laundry everywhere! It was all clean laundry, (except for the stuff in and on top of the hamper) but I didn't have anywhere to put it because our drawers were stuffed full and our closets were a huge mess.

Try not to cringe too much! :)
I'm glad my cats were having fun in there because I was not! My method of cleaning isn't the most organized I'd have to say. My husband wasn't very happy with me when he walked in and saw all of our clothes piled on the bed, heaps of clothes to give away stacked on the floor and everything from the closets in mounds to go through and organize. I think I pulled everything out of everywhere all at once and then commenced going through it all and putting it all back away.

It took about 6 hours of time to get this into a clean, organized space and it was well worth the time. Not only did I put away all of the clean laundry we had, but I washed and dried everything that was dirty and then put all of that away too. The best part about that was we had exactly the right amount of shirt hangers for everything we kept. That never happens!

We do have quite a bit to donate. Here's a picture of my front hallway with 2 garbage bags, a box, a large duffel bag and a large piece of luggage filled with clothing and a few other miscellaneous things to donate. My grandmother gave me that huge piece of luggage at least a decade ago, but it's starting to wear out on the bottom edges. Maybe someone at Goodwill will be able to fix it and give it a good home for a cheap price. Otherwise, it has wheels so it will help me get the donation to the store much easier!

My cat Sasha was very worried when I started bringing all of that stuff out to the hallway. I bet she thinks we're going on vacation and leaving them here for a while. She'll be relieved when we come home from church tomorrow and don't leave. :)

So - here are the after pictures of all of my hard work. I should have taken a before shot of the closets, but just imagine them brimming full with hanging clothes, no space on any of the shelves, and shoes, clothes, papers, books, etc all over the floors so you can just barely close the doors...

View from the doorway
View from my side of the bed
View from the bathroom doorway
Small closet for our dress clothes
His side
Her side
This is the closet for our every day clothes, pieces of luggage and my shoes. :) We just have pants hangers left (and extra space on the shelf!). My husband came in after I was done and was speechless. He was very happy with what I had done. I even organized our dresser drawers so now he can find everything he needs.

We just need a couple things to make it completely done. We both want to make dividers for our top drawer to separate out our socks and underwear. I also want to make a better holder for his ties. I know I could just buy a tie hanger, but I saw something fun on Pinterest that I want to try if I can swing it. We'll save that for another day after I have some more of this clutter taken care of.

Tomorrow's mission: bathrooms! :) Happy cleaning!


  1. Hehe, your before bedroom shot looks a lot like my bedroom. Hopefully it'll be much better by the end of today

  2. I completely understand the mode you're in - my husband and I spent 7 hours in the garage yesterday, picking up each thing and deciding to either toss, donate, or wipe down and organize... what a difference!

  3. I am going to the second hand store tomorrow. After all the cleanups I am reading about-I hope to find lots of "Treasures". LOL
    Seriously, I have so much clutter, I don't know where to start. Good for you!

  4. shoe boxes work well as deviders in drawers very inexpensive as well.

  5. Nancy: rangerer@sbcglobal.netJanuary 6, 2013 at 1:17 PM

    looks like you did a great job, but I know the in-between stage can be overwhelming. We had to do similar cleaning out to get our house ready to go on the market. One of our daughters from CA came to help. She and her husband have 4 children and live in a house that is only 560 sq. ft. Yes, I really did say 560:) So she is really good at purging! She went from basement to attic to uncover treasures and help us to decide what to keep and what to give away. I am really thankful for all her hard work! Anyway, congratulations on a job well done.


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