Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quilt Design

Do you design your own quilt patterns? Or do you use books, magazines, PDFs, etc? I used a book pattern for my long-term WiP - Over the Rainbow - but that's the only one I can think of...

Sun, Moon & Stars

Designing is something I love to do. Obviously every combination of squares, triangles and rectangles have already been put together, so I'm guessing none of my blocks will ever be "original," but that's OK by me. 

Rainbow Sherbet

I guess I'm not drawn to patterns in books or magazine very often. I want to really be a part of my craft from start to finish. There's something therapeutic and kind of magical about seeing something I design come to life.


Sometimes I get into binges of designing patterns with all the same theme. Like stars, or half square triangles or Christmas quilts.

Christmas Morning

Other times I want to make a design with big pieces (or really small pieces).


Lately I've been putting together quilt patterns with lots of different blocks. I saw what I would consider a "sampler quilt" at a bed and breakfast we stayed at this summer and just fell in love with it. Sampler quilts remind me of cozy lodges and being comfortable - curled up by a fire with a good book and a snugly quilt.

Cabin Fever

I can see so many things done with lots of different scrappy fabrics. 

Northern Lights

I tend to keep my patterns in pencil shading so that I can picture them with any color. The ones I've specifically assigned colors to I probably wouldn't change, but I don't want to hinder the process - especially if I have some kind of color epiphany when I dig my patterns back out.

A Stained Glass Christmas

Most of these I'll never get around to actually making in to quilts. It would be great if I had that much time (and money) to spend on quilting, but there are only so many hours in the day.


The other issue is that once I get these ideas down on paper there always seems to be another pattern that takes their place, or something I want to work on first. So everything ends up on the back burner. 

Forest Lights

I guess I don't have a lot of works in progress (not enough storage for all of that), but I sure have a lot of patterns in progress!


So, if you're ever in need of a quilt pattern, and you just aren't finding something that tickles your fancy, let me know! I'm sure I have a couple you can borrow. I might even figure out the yardage for you... :) Happy crafting!


  1. great ideas, you NEED EQ7!! it's awesome. have a look at my current post

  2. Awesome patterns!! So many patterns so little time!!

  3. These are great. I particularly like cabin fever and northern lights. I'd be tempted to do them as two-colour quilts.
    My first quilt was not just a design but a kit - I fell in love with both the design and colours and just had to have it. I also have my eye on several other Jinny Beyer patterns, with a thought to do my own colour and fabric picking. And I have two samplers to make, one which I've started (farmer's wife) and one I'll be starting in Feb (Dear Jane).
    Aside from that though, I've been designing some too. Two applique quilts which challenge my inability to draw, one space invaders quilt which has been fun and will be made up of squares like your mario quilt, and so far just one traditionally pieced quilt, which only uses diamonds. Like you I want to make them all, now.

  4. Looks like some great ideas here :) I use EQ6 but usually only for block rotary calcs, my designs usually evolve as I go...even when I'm using someone's published pattern I usually end up changing the layout or something...I think the reason I have so many WIPs is that I enjoy the creative process of designing and planning a bit more than slogging through making a lot of repetitive blocks...I make a lot of samplers for that reason but truly like the looks of a quilt with repetitive blocks better when complete...conundrum, lol!

  5. I love all your designs, especially Forest Lights. I am so happy you have so much talent and others too. I can hardly color with crayons but I love to sew. If this pattern becomes reality, please, I want it.


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