Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dots on Dots Quilt Finished!

Yay, I've got my first September goal finishes! I guess the first one was to sew together all of the blocks from the hop and the second was to finish the quilt.

I did end up putting the left over pieces on the quilt as a scrappy squared border. There's a funny story about how those pieces came to be. (Well, funny now but very frustrating when it happened...)

I was cutting all of my pieces for this quilt, some needed to be pieces to make into half square triangles and others were just going to be regular squares. I cut the HST pieces first because there were more of them, so I needed to cut those to be 2 7/8ths inches square for a finished square of 2 inches. Somehow I had it in my head that my regular squares then needed to be cut to 2 inches square, so of course that's what I started cutting. Much to my horror, I realized as I was cutting the last strip apart into squares and looking at all of the pieces together that I had cut all of the regular squares a half inch too small. I didn't even have enough fabric to re-cut them all either.

I quickly ran to JoAnn Fabrics to see if I could get more of the pink, green and center blue and teal colors. Yes - I had to find more of 6 fabrics! I searched and searched for the teal color that wasn't a batik. I couldn't find it. I looked through all of the fat quarter cuts twice, then went through all of the bolts, nothing. So, I decided maybe I was going to have to find another teal fabric to complete the quilt. So, I looked through all of the bolts again and wasn't finding anything that I really liked or that matched the quilt.

So, I said a little prayer (literally), and went to check the fat quarter cuts one more time before heading home defeated. Lo and behold, I found the fabric I was looking for! I think I actually let out a little squeal in the store I was so elated. It surprises me the power of prayer sometimes, especially because all I needed was a little bit more fabric. So, I happily went home to re-cut those 6 fabric colors into 2 1/2 inch squares. I saved the ill-cut 2 inch squares and figured I'd do something with them.

I started sewing them together into a strip thinking I might use them on the back of the quilt, but when I put it up next to the quilt I realized it was the perfect length for a border on the long sides. I had 4 piles of those 2 inch squares that I made into 4 long strips that became the borders of the quilt. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the whole situation turned out! Thank you Lord for having a plan for my mistake!

I made the back scrappy out of the left over polka dot prints I had from the quilt. I haven't had much practice making a pieced backing before and I had a couple puckering issues on the backside while I was free-motion quilting this. Those weren't fun to rip out, but at least I caught them before they were huge issues There's still one little bubble on the back where I couldn't quite ease the back into the FMQ, but it's not too bad. I notice it, but I'm not sure my husband would notice it if I hadn't pointed it out. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

For the FMQ pattern I did a spiky swirl design. I got the idea from Bea who did something similar on her latest quilt. Mine didn't turn out as beautiful as hers, but this is the first time I've done a swirly pattern. I've done loop-de-loops and stippling, but this one was different. I really like how free you can be with FMQ. Straight lines look really crisp and clean, but FMQ is just so much fun! I'm not sure I ever want to go back, haha! Anyway, that's my finished dots quilt. I hope you've enjoyed seeing it come together. :) On to the next project! Happy crafting!


  1. HI!!! It is beautiful!!! I love getting to see it finished up!! Glad your were able to find the fabric you needed!!!! I love the quilting you did on it too!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  2. Nice work on the quilting...and the divine intervention? been there...God is good!! Congrats on the finish, I am just binding my ladybugs today and oh horror...haven't started the Leafs Me Happy...a bit of procrastination but I kind of have a plan. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Looks great. The border really works. Congrats on the finish

  4. Wow, what a beautiful quilt. I love the way the borders came together. Yep, the power of prayer! What pucker?! Just a little pocket filled with love!

  5. Your quilting is lovely. I think I will tackle swirlies next! Love how the orange pops out in your quilt!

  6. Great job! That quilting is beautiful too.

  7. How gorgeous! Love the colors and the scrappy border - it is wonderful how our mistakes can become design features, isn't it? Whoop whoop!!

  8. Wow, what a story! I love that you used the "extra" squares in the border. Great finish!

  9. Beautiful quilt and love the quilting you did on it! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  10. Isn't that just like God - making our hearts smile in the little things. Great story and quilt!

  11. Karen, your swirly quilting looks fantastic! What a great finished quilt!

    Thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!


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