Saturday, June 30, 2012

July 2012 Crafty Goals

I feel that I haven't spent a lot of time crafting lately, so I'm going to set out some goals for July. I should have ample time to get lots of things done, but I think I should start slow and only go for a few finishes this month. So, here's the list:

1) Finish that darn Super Mario quilt! I've got all of the character blocks sewn and bordered out. Now they just need to be squared up, sashed, sewn together, quilted and bound. If that takes me more than a month then I'm not working on it enough! (Plus it would be nice for my husband to finally get his Christmas present from last year!)

2) Finish the jelly roll strip quilt I started in June. I've got that top pretty much sewn together. It just needs borders, squaring up, quilting and binding. I posted a little pic of what I have done so far.

3) Make a tie wreath for my dad. He gave me a great collection of old ties (or rather, I went to his house and said "you really shouldn't be wearing these any more, how about I take them and make something out of them?") and I'm super excited to delve in. I think that project will only take me a couple of hours to do, so why not do it already! Check out the brown tie with the sharks on it! Also - that red and white checkered tie belonged to my grandfather - my dad's dad, so I really want to highlight that tie on the wreath. I might make it into the "bow" accent.

4) Make a new kindle case. My current case is in poor shape and was very, very hastily made. It looks like a bad oven mitt and I used pre-quilted fabric and it just isn't me. It's functional and protects my kindle but I mean look at how boring it is! I found a great tutorial that I want to try out, but I've got to find some fusible fleece. I've never looked for it before, but I'm assuming they sell it at JoAnn's... I guess I'll find out!

I have done some other crafty things in June, but they are for special projects. I'm posting on July 4th for the Red, White and Blue Blog Hop, which I think will be fun. I made two 12.5 inch blocks - one that was pretty basic and one that was more creative - and made them both into different things. But, I can't really post about those until July 4th - so come back then and check them out!

I also put together a package for C.R.A.F.T.'s June package pals. I'll post about that after the holiday. I'd like to do one post where I share what I put together and what I receive. I'm a little nervous that maybe I didn't do enough, but we'll see how it goes. :)

The last thing I did, which I guess doesn't need a post all to itself, is put together a pre-quilted block for a comfort quilt. A very nice woman who was at the quilt retreat I went to in May lost her sister and went through surgery shortly thereafter, so all of us retreaters put together some blocks to make into a larger quilt. Here's what mine looks like. I just had to use a yellow fabric for the front of the square and then I could make the back whatever I wanted in the yellow/aqua shades. Not a very complicated project, but the emphasis is supposed to be on the quilting. I took a close up of the back of the block where you can see the stitches better. I used my hearts FMQ on it and I really like the way the yellow thread stood out against the darker aqua print. I figured she needed some more hearts after all she's been through, so I hope she really enjoys the finished quilt.

Anyway, I think 4 projects are enough to finish up in July. Maybe I'll surprise myself and do more, but chances are good there's probably something on this list that won't get done. C'est la vie! Anyway, I hope you all have lots of time to be crafty and finish the things that make you happy. :) Happy crafting!

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