Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Glasses

I found the coolest looking glasses at St. Vincent de Paul's the other day. I figured I could do something cool with them since they were only $1 each! I saw some tumblers on Etsy that someone had drawn tree branches on with glass paint and then I knew exactly what I was going to do. First I had to clean the glasses and make sure they were completely dry. I purchased a set of CeramCo glass paints from JoAnn Fabrics that came with step-by-step instructions, so this craft was really easy and fun to do.

The first step was to paint the entire outside surface of the glass with a surface conditioner. I guess this prepares the glass to receive the paint. Once that dried, I could start painting right away. I started off with the main "trunk" of the tree and then added on some scraggly glasses. I did this all around the glasses until they were covered to my liking.
Once the paint has dried for an hour, you coat the painted area with the clear sealant from the kit. Once the first coat dries you put on a second coat. I guess this needs to dry for 10 days to set and then you can wash the glasses in the dishwasher or the sink and drink out of them like normal. I like this glass paint because you don't have to bake the glasses in the oven to have them set up. Minus dry time, this project took all of 15 minutes, but was super fun. These will be perfect for my upcoming Halloween party. Happy crafting!

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